Restaurants Tips, where to eat in Oregon wine region Where to eat in the different wine regions?

Below fine all restaurants we recommend for the quality of their wines list

When we think of Oregon, we think of the Willamette Valley and its famous wineries such as The Eyrie Vineyards, Resonance, Domaine Roy, ElevéeDomaine Drouhin, Brick House, Bergström … and so many others! However, don’t forget the beautiful Applegate Valley, Columbia Valley and even the neighbouring Rogue Valley! A state that is far from the “old” Europe and yet one of the American states that is the most “European” in its conception of food. We can’t count the number of local creameries, small artisanal delis, restaurants… and in fine the local specialties. Dishes that often seek to highlight the basic product in its simplest state, the most “pure”. And let’s not forget to mention the famous local truffle festival! In short, as you may have guessed, we strongly invite you to visit.

We have therefore chosen to offer you a small handful of local restaurants, handpicked to make the most of the wines and gastronomy of this American state, neighbouring California.
These restaurants have all been tested. You will discover for example Riverside, The Painted Lady, or The Joel Palmer House…etc.

You will find below, on this map, a list of restaurants that we recommend to you during your visit in the different wineries of Oregon.
These restaurants offer you an interesting wine list but also a cuisine that deserves to be discovered, some nice small plates. You will find all types of cuisine (regional, locavore, organic, etc.).

For each restaurant you will find information about the cuisine, an evaluation of the wine list (quality, price, diversity and research) as well as an assessment of the price level of dining there.
If you like one of these epicurean places, you will find the necessary information to reserve (phone number, website) in the restaurant profile.


Some information to understand the ratings :

  • Price level: €= up to 40euros, €€= under 90euros, €€€= over 90euros
  • Wine list rating: from one star to four (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Why this map?

We are a team of wine lovers which also means epicureans. During our various trips to the vineyards of the world, we had the opportunity to lunch or dine at the tables of outstanding chefs. We, therefore, wanted to highlight those who offer remarkable cuisine but who have also taken the step of creating a “genuine” wine list.

Restaurant owners, if you wish to highlight the fact that you have been “selected”, do not hesitate to contact us by email ( to receive your “badge” to place on your shop window.

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