The 10th edition of the Bordeaux Wine Festival promises to be exceptional!

The 10th edition of the Bordeaux Wine Festival promises to be exceptional!

The 10th edition of Bordeaux fête le vin promises to be exceptional!


From 23 to 26 June 2016 will be held in Bordeaux the 10th edition Bordeaux fête le vin (of the Bordeaux Wine Festival), for the occasion, the wine capital has invited 10 cities. This event which is held every two years became, in a few years, Europe’s largest wine tourism event.

© JM. Destang

© JM. Destang

This great “festival tasting” brings together like every year many names (80 names & 1000 winemakers – traders) on a real “open road sky wine” of 2 km along the Garonne to meet / eat / discuss wines through the “Tasting Pass”. There will also be a booth of the School of Bordeaux wine, a village “greedy Southwest” fifteen regional producers and artisans who have at heart to present and promote their know-how on the occasion of the 10th edition of the event (Basque and / or Landes charcuteries, Arcachon Bay oysters, hamburgers and beef steaks Blonde d’Aquitaine, bread …).

For this 10th edition 10 partner cities are invited

For the 10th edition of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, the Gironde capital cities will host 10 with whom she has a special relationship. The capitals of great vineyards (Great Wine Capitals Global Network) as well as partner cities: Bilbao, Porto, Mainz, Valparaiso, Capetown, San Francisco, Mendoza, Hong Kong, Brussels and Quebec!

To celebrate their attendance discovery of these wines in the world sessions will be offered to the public in four pavilions: Hong Kong, Brussels, Quebec Network of Capitals of Great Vineyards (Great Wine Capitals Global Network), which offers a world tour the wine from the banks of the Garonne. An exciting oenological journey that you wander from California to South Africa, from Portugal to Chile while passing by Spain, Germany and Argentina.

In addition to tastings, workshops discovered many prizes (overnights in vineyards, cabinets wine aromas, wine magnums) to be won every day!

Four Pass to enjoy this event

To sample the all the wines that will be presented will require you to provide yourself with a “Tasting Pass”. The Pass entitles you to:

© JM. Destang

© JM. Destang

  • 1 tasting glass and cover glass holder,
  • 13 tastings: a tasting of each of the 11 pavilions and two tastings “Coup de Coeur” to choose:

Sweet Bordeaux

  • Saint-Emilion – Bordeaux – Fronsac
  • Mouton Cadet
  • Les Grandes Marques des Maisons de négoce
  • Cordier
  • Côtes de Bordeaux
  • Baron de Lestac
  • Vins d’Aquitaine
  • Bordeaux Rouge et Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge
  • Bordeaux Rosé, Bordeaux Blanc, Entre-Deux-Mers, Crémant de Bordeaux
  • Médoc et Graves
  • 1 Discovery workshop at the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux, located in the heart of the Festival,
  • 1 tasting “zen” on the Pavilion of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Gironde,
  • 1 transport ticket valid for one day TBM.

Buying Tasting Pass is available online or locally (16 € presale on site – € 21 at the box office, 1 € deposit on June 21)

Several changes for the 10th edition

© JM. Destang

© JM. Destang

A digital tasting pass replaces the book of tickets to go further in the “sustainable development”. This year´s visitors will use a Digital Pass through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) saving thousands of kilos of paper, again, the Pass can be reused for the next editions of the Bordeaux Wine Festival, and allows everyone to follow responsible consumption.

A fully dedicated to the Bordeaux Wine Festival application is also started. It is designed to allow visitors to easily access the programming, various necessary information and the number of still available tastings on the Tasting Pass. The application is already available on Apple Store and on the Android Market

Bordeaux Wine Festival … but also a celebration of arts and culture.

This year the Bordeaux Wine Festival will be part of a more urban and contemporary world of containers recycled compounds dressed in densified wood. They will offer visitors a greater tasting comfort. The use of these containers is also a nice look at the history port of Bordeaux. Indeed there are several decades of cargo containers were unloaded on the same docks where Bordeaux Wine Festival will take place.

A nice Artistic and Cultural program will take place on both Garonne banks :

© JM. Destang

© JM. Destang

– “Roots” multimedia show on the Stock Exchange Palace to 11pm every night

– The nights blue, white, red; fireworks on the Garonne at 11.30pm every night on the docks.

– “Dance with me” for the 10 years of the mirror of water, three balls to open all 19h30-22h

– Music and world wines, several groups will play for an hour and tastings will be in early and mid evening (€ 10 for 3 tastings of wines of the world and two concerts)

– Music and organic wines to Darwin – Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Saturday, June 25 from 5.30pm (€ 10 for 3 tastings of organic wines and concert ONBA)

– Jazz in Marciac on the reflecting pool Saturday, June 25 at 15h, 4:30 p.m. ET Sunday, June 26 at 16h-19h

– Street art and live painting (ten cubic ten cities, ten “street artists”) from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 between 11am and 23h in the Garden of Arts, under the plane trees of the Praire Girondins.

– The opening of the Cité du Vin, visitors can enjoy the Cité du Vin (open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.)



Enjoy tasting !


Céline Thiénot et/pour Vertdevin