In 2016, Vinisud will amplify its influence

Vinisud 2016


For the 2016 edition of the International Exhibition, Mediterranean Wines & Spirits amplifies its influence



The 12th edition of VINISUD takes place on February 15, 16 and 17 2016 at the Montpellier Exhibition Centre.

vertdevin-vinisud-salon-wine-fair-2016-wine-vinVinisud is the show dedicated to wine and spirits products in the Mediterranean region, the birthplace of viticulture and wine and largest area of ​​production and export of wines in the world. It was organized for the first time in 1994 with the goal of being 100% dedicated to trade “B to B”. By standing mid-February, the International Wine and Spirits Exhibition Mediterranean is thus well positioned in the calendar of events related to wines and spirits at this time of the year.

Focus on Vinisud

Vinisud is a unique concept in the world dedicated to Mediterranean wines and spirits with exhibitors of a strong identity land, who enjoy the atmosphere which is both business and friendly. Will be present producers from Languedoc, Roussillon, the Rhone Valley, Provence, South West, Corsica, but also from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Greece, Croatia …

The Vinisud wine fair is over 1,700 exhibitors, 26,000 different wines / spirits and has almost 32,000 visitors, a third from abroad (74 nationalities) including producers, wholesalers, importers, agents, staff shops, wine shops, retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, sommeliers, experts, journalists … etc. Among them 72% were from Europe (excluding France), 18% in the Americas and 10% from Asia.

Bordeaux region invited to the 2016 edition Vinisud

vertdevin-vinisud-salon-wine-fair-2016-wine-vin-1While reaffirming its strong Mediterranean anchor for this edition 2016, VINISUD expands its offering.

Why Bordeaux? « Bordeaux, prestigious vineyards, very forward-export, consistent with the global offer ; fair in terms of medium-size company structures, with regard to the quality level of wines and their price positioning . Moreover, this development formalizes the presence of operators also Bordeaux vineyard owners in the South, including Languedoc-Roussillon or in the Southwest, and already through this on VINISUD. »

On this occasion a tasting conference is hosted by Jean-Marc Quarin with the theme “What the Bordeaux wines have from the South and what does the south have of Bordeaux wines? “.

Innovations for the 2016 edition

vertdevin-vinisud-salon-wine-fair-2016-wine-vin-6Within the Mediterranean Palace, a pink pole, symbol of the Mediterranean culture, specialty of Provence which is now a breakthrough around the world will gather over 350 references, all regions and all countries (number recorded to date) . The OIV survey in partnership with the CIVP highlights the success of this new consumer trend driven by young people and women. 76% of world trade and 66% of rosé production are achieved by the Mediterranean vineyards.

A “Sparkling Zone” focus on sparkling wines whose exports outside Champagne rose + 87% between 2003 and 2013. This space dedicated to sparkling Mediterranean meets the ever growing demand of the global market: Free tasting zone with more than 250 samples submitted, and a bar with original cocktails made from Prosecco, Cava, Franciacorta, Blanquette de Limoux …

vertdevin-vinisud-salon-wine-fair-2016-wine-vin-5From 2017, annual Vinisud becomes: “ In a highly competitive environment, it is important to secure that the involvement of increasingly large numbers of international buyers and purchasing advisors, maintain ongoing contact with markets, have an opportunity to showcase not only each new vintage, but also new products, marketing innovations etc. This is the wish expressed by 82% of our visitors, according to a survey conducted at the close of the 2014 edition of Vinisud, which brought together 33,000 professional visitors and 1,650 exhibitors.

An emphasis on wine: Wine tourism is an activity that greatly contributes to the notoriety, recognition and to export wine around the Mediterranean. An annual meeting will be organized from the living room by André Deyrieux ( on new trends and innovations in wine tourism.

vertdevin-vinisud-salon-wine-fair-2016-wine-vin-9The “Bag-in-Box®” The wines packaged in “Bag-in-Box®” this year will have a dedicated area to facilitate the search of buyers.

Mosaic Wine: On the Mediterranean Expression space that affirms the cultural, culinary, winemaking, landscaped Mediterranean, Wine Mosaic propose to discover the original varieties of Mediterranean islands (Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Crete …) and wines from volcanic soils are enjoying a renaissance (Greece, mainland Italy, Sicily, Aeolian Islands, France, Spain …)

Already organized last year the Vinisud Digital Hub will be renewed. It will be dedicated to the convergence of the web and wine, led by the team from the specialized agency Sowine.

If you want more information about your coming as a professional visitor or want to expose consider visiting the event website (link available here).