Heritage days and Harvest time are honoured in the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux Appellation

Heritage days and Harvest time are honoured in the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux Appellation


Heritage days and Harvest time are honoured in the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux Appellation


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After an exciting summer full of wine tourism activities, the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux appellation extends the discovery of a rich wine, historic and architectural heritage, inviting the public to two appointments. The program: “Balades Patrimoine” on 20 and 21 September and “Balades Vendanges” October 5. Two unique ways to discover the backstage of Côtes de Bordeaux Cadillac wines.

Heritage in the spotlight 

This year, Châteaux of the appellation open their doors to visitors for European Heritage Days. A unique opportunity for the curious and heritage & wine lovers to visit seven historical sites to discover the legend of Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux wines.

  • vert-de-vin-cadillac-cotes-de-bordeauxChâteau Birot (Béguey) 09h30-11h30 and 14.30-17.30
  • Château Lamothe (Haux): 10h-11h and 17h 13h-
  • Château Peneau (Haux): 10 am-15h (September 20 only)
  • Château du Cros (Loupiac): 9.30-11.30 and 14.30-17.30
  • Château Fayau (Cadillac): 9:30 11:30 ET 14.30-17.30
  • Château Lardiley (Cadillac): 10h-11h and 13h-17h
  • Château de Pic (The Turn): 10h-18h (September 20 only)
  • Information: Maison des Vins de Cadillac – 05 57 98 19 20 www.cadillaccotesdebordeaux.com 

October 05: A one-day visit in the heart of Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux‘ harvests time

Essential moment in the life of the vineyard, the harvest is unveiled on Oct. 5 during a day of discovery and immersion in the wine world. The program: walks in the vineyards to discover the life of a vineyard during the harvest time, visits of chateaux, picnic with winemakers, explanations about winemaking.

The program:

  • Departure at 10:00 from the Baurech Church square
  • Discovery of the appellation, visit of the Château Constantin, picnic and visit of the Chateau Bessan
  • Reservations and information: Mr. Contre Dominique – +33(0)6 15 87 84 38 – www.lesmillepiedsdepodensac.com Maison des Vins de Cadillac – +33(0)5 57 98 19 20 -www.cadillaccotesdebordeaux.com.