Delamain – Extra Vieux Cognac in a Special Box


Delamain Extra Vieux Cognac in a Special Box (limited edition box)



vert-de-vin-coffret-cognac-delamain-extra-2Contained in a precious bottle, nestled in a beautiful blue box, Cognac Delamain – Extra (Grande Champagne) is an older blend than the Pale & Dry XO, Cognac XO and Vesper. The eaux-de-vie is composed exclusively from Grande Champagne1st Cru Cognac. These Grandes Champagnes aged in old barrels in the Delamain cellars situated along the Charente in Jarnac. (read more about Delamain)

The origins of Delamain engraved on the bottle

A rare cognac in an exceptional bottle“. The bottle of Extra Delamain, curvaceous, is both simple and modern. The coat of arms decorates the jug evokes an important moment in the history of the house and family.

vert-de-vin-coffret-cognac-delamain-extraIt takes effect in the coat of arms printed on the porcelain plate Delft specially created by Henry Delamain, famous potter in Dublin in the 18th century, for the wedding of his nephew James with Marie Ranson. The canting arms of both Houses are represented intertwined. The wedding of James Delamain, celebrated in Jarnac in 1762 was the beginning of the commitment of Delamain in Cognac.