« Esprits Médoc », the first “transmedia-comic” book about winetourism and Bordeaux wineries

« Esprits Médoc », the first “transmedia-comic” book about winetourism and Bordeaux wineries


« Esprits Médoc », the first “transmedia-comic book” about winetourism and Bordeaux wineries




On Tuesday, November 25 it has taken place the official release of the first comics connected to promote the Médoc vineyards and wine.

A series of transmedia comic books

vertdevin-bd-esprits-medocEsprits Médoc” (Spirits Médoc) is the first volume of a series of cartoons to promote all the vineyards of France through the techniques of “transmedia storytelling” (moving from one device, to an another). This book is available in French but also in English.

Designed by the agency transmedia “Le jardin des Marques“, written and drawn by the authors Corbeyran Eric and Nicolas Otero, this book follows in the footsteps of the comic hit “Bordeaux Châteaux” and the manga “Drops of God“. Through the fantastic-police adventures of Violette, a young-oenologist consultant, this interactive story allows to discover a terroir and vineyards … a total smartphone in hand.

A total and great immersion in the story thanks to the augmented reality

vertdevin-bd-esprits-medoc-1Augmented reality is a technique to insert a real-time-2D or 3D item in an actual image. Here, it allows you, with your tablet or smartphone to enrich your reading experience with video content related to the tourism context or history. For this you will need to download (for free) the mobile apps “Esprits Médoc” and then scan the bubbles of comics with a red circle with a smartphone in. This app is available for Apple and in a few days for Androïd too.

This mobile app also invites you to visit the site present in the database to solve a series of puzzles. Starting to explore the vineyards, perhaps you will be able to help Violette to solve the mystery of broken glasses and find out what is behind these strange phenomena … You will discover in all cases, beautiful scenery and owners happy to open the doors of their castle and unveil their winemaking techniques and the history that binds them to their land/terroir.