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For the event of the new release (11th edition) of the Best Of Wine Tourism guide, a label that is present in 9 of the most famous vineyards in the world, I wanted to dedicate an article to this great initiative what the Best Of Wine Tourism.

vert-de-vin-rouillac-best-of-wine-tourismAbove all what is the Great Wine Capitals network?

The Network of Great Wine Capitals is a union of 10 major wine capitals in the world. Currently the network includes the cities of Bilbao (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Cape Town (South Africa), Christchurch (New Zealand), Firenze (Italy), Mainz Rheinhessen (Germany) Mendoza (Argentina), Porto (Portugal), San Francisco (USA), and Valparaiso (Chile). However, programs of cooperation are being explored with other wine capitals.

Focus on the Best of Wine Tourism label

The Best of Wine Tourism awards are the winners of the eponymous competition to reward active wineries in the wine or contribute to the development of it. The ” Best Of Wine Tourism ” contest is completely free and open to all fields in the wine industry and wine tourism services companies of the member regions of the Network of Great Wine Capitals. The contest is held annually the properties are free to imagine if they wish, in the same category or another.

Bordeaux created 11 years ago (2002), the competition of Best Of Wine Tourism, and it  is now organized in 10 major wineries part of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

vert-de-vin-chateau-de-rouillacAfter the local challenge, up to international competition

Every year in November the winners of the different capitals of the Great Wine Capitals Network attempt in a second time to get a BEST OF INTERNATIONAL award. For example, this year the competition was held in Napa. In this latest edition of one of our laureates also been rewarding (read the article about the International Best of Wine Tourism obtained by Château Rouillac). 

What are the consequences of these events for the properties ?

Before this competition it is a good way for the winners to promote their names, the quality of their wine tourism benefits (and thus indirectly their wines) at national and international level.

The Best of Wine Tourism also allow for the participants but also for the winners to receive many press return.

The winners are automatically integrated into the very exclusive “Club of the Best Of”. It is a place of encounter, exchange, learning (eg what actions to promote training Speed ​​Datings Business … etc ?).

It is an incubator of ideas / of wine tourism projects can benefit from the feedback and expertise of industry professionals as well as other properties.

This new edition of the guide presents 64 oenotouristic places that are “particularly remarkable for tourist“, including 17 in the region of Bordeaux. So if this summer you want to visit one of the vineyards of the Great Wine Capitals network consider taking with you the guide Best Of Wine Tourism (available here). For most of us online if you post photos, comments or videos of your trips in these sites remember to use the #bestofwinetourism.



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