« ICÔNE » by Seguin Moreau


Icône” Barrels






In 2011 SEGUIN MOREAU revealed the principle of the Icône process and put in the barrel market “Icône Elegance” ; two new models in 2012 joined this unique range in the world. I already presented this innovation and especially the cooperage (Article available here).

Short ! After three years, demand has soared and barrel today is proud to continue the adventure with a variation “White Icône“.

Icône, What is it?

vert-de-vin-seguin-moreau-iconeAfter 12 years of research, SEGUIN MOREAU revealed his method in 2011 Icône: select oak, not based on botanical criteria , age or geographical provenance, but on the basis of its molecular composition. Aromas and tannins are analyzed previously and the values ​​obtained are used to describe accurately the wooded profile that was selected will ultimately breeding a type of wine or eau-de-vie determined.

In terms of results, Icône allows more reliable and reproducible make aging in wood, a major challenge for winemakers. This method thus represents an unprecedented step forward for the industry.

The first barrel of the Icône range, called “Elegance”, was a resounding success in its first year on the market and was followed closely by ” Aroma Low ” and ” High Aroma “, the two references launched in 2012.


vert-de-vin-seguin-moreau-icone-4As the demand became greater than its production SEGUIN MOREAU now extends its range ICONE propose to suitable for large white wines fermented and / or aged in oak barrels release.

Icône Blanc” provides a fine wooded and respectful of varietal aromas and a gain volume and length. This selection of oak also allows  the orientation of woody profile in two different directions, choose depending on the desired end result of breeding :

  • for a fresh, mineral and tense Profile: Choosing a heater “AQUAFLEX” (bending immersion See article available here).
  • for a complex and opulent profile, with burnt notes and sweet spices : Choose a heater ” Medium Long ” (bending fire).

The success of the barrel in the process of aging white wines is based on a subtle and delicate balance between the benefits of passing the woods and the risk of loss of typicality by excessive woodwork. “Icône White” was studied to create that equilibrium. It provides answers respect to the expression of grape and the terroir that he was born and thus can reveal the qualities of the wine it hosts.

Icône, a project in few informations:

  • 12 years of basic research
  • 4 years of applied research in chai
  • more than 10,000 analyzes wood
  • 200 experimental sites worldwide
  • 3000 barrels made ​​in testing
  • 200 tastings conducted by a panel of experts
  • A specific internal laboratory, operating 24h/24
  • Over 10,000 barrels sold in 3 years