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Vinexpo Japan


Vinexpo strengthens its presence in Asia Pacific and lances Vinexpo Nippon in Tokyo in 2014.



vert-de-vin-vinexpo-nippon-japon-tokyo-2014 (2)After the success of the various editions of Vinexpo Bordeaux and Hong Kong, the famous wine- salon business creates Vinexpo Nippon. For its first edition, the  meeting is set up for Novermber 1 and 2, 2014 at the Prince Park Tower in the heart of the Business District of the Japanese capital .

An exhibition made to measure and dedicated to the Japanese wines and spirits industry

Specially designed for wine and spirits in the Japanese market actors, Vinexpo Nippon will host 200 international exhibitors of wine and spirits from around the world. There, one can find exhibitors who may choose to participate in the exhibition either in their own name or under the banner of the importer.

For this new event, Vinexpo Nippon has received the support of major local operators in the wine and spirits industry. Gathered there a few months, they are ten importers that supports the project and the information to relay the show in Japan. This show will also benefit, as other Vinexpo, from all the expertise and know –how of organizers Vinexpo Bordeaux and Hong Kong.

vert-de-vin-vinexpo-nippon-japon-tokyo-2014 (3)Zoom on the host country : A historic market and growing market

As the third largest economy behind the United States and China,  Japan is experiencing a lifestyle and development among the highest in the world.

Although 127 million Japanese only drink on average 2.5 liters of wine per year, with 19.3% market growth between 2008 and 2012 this is one of the most dynamic markets in the region. It is the first Asian market of imported spirits (Cognac, Armagnac … etc) and the second after China, with more than 239 million liters of wine sold in 2010. Many of the great wine houses like the French, Italian or Spanish have been working for several decades in the Japanese market. In fact, with the liberalization of the importation of alcohol in the 70s , wine, and French wines in particular, has become very popular among the Japanese. Japan is currently the 12th wine importer in volume and  7th country for the value.

A country of gastronomy and gourmet

Besides the fact that Japan is THE largest producer of Sake, it is also a land of wine consumers and wine producers. Indeed, the vineyard extends from the island of Kyushu to the Island of Hokkaido which represents nearly 24,000 hectares planted with vines.


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Although the wine industry was born in Japan and around 1850, the Koshu grape varieties such as are operated for nearly 1000 years. The latter also called ” Yamanachi grape ” is used at the time to produce grapes to be “eaten and not drunk.” Today Koshu uses them primarily to produce a white wine with a straw yellow color. It produces fruit nectars (citrus, grapefruit, litchi, apple, peach, quince), fresh, balanced, with good acidity and a slightly bitter side not unpleasant. Only downside , given the hot humid climate in summer and often covered by local winemakers must regularly deal with important issues of mildew and Oïdium .

Currently the main wine region of Japan is called Yamanashi (known for the famous Mount Fuji area) and hosts most of the 232 vineyards Japanese .

The gastronomy in Japan has a strong culinary ancestral identity, whose revenue is revisited by some leaders have nothing to envy to fine European cuisine. In addition, the fine emblematic recipes of Japanese cuisine blends perfectly with many wines. Few know but Tokyo is one of the cities with the largest density of restaurants with Michelin stars. Also great chefs such as Paul BocuseJoel Robuchon and Alain Ducasse have restaurants in Japan.


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