This year Bordeaux will host a new wine fair dedicated to the professional wine sector



vert-de-vin-vinipro-bordeaux (1)Some would say “another … one more!”. Yes and no. While the principle of business lounge will not be a revolution in the sector and a small portion of the properties that will be present at the show are already on other shows. But what characterizes. what gives the “added value” of this show is that it is 100% dedicated to the wines of Bordeaux / French Southwest and as it offers a more reasonable cost for growers it allows many “modest” properties to participate (finally some visibility for small wineries!).

For those who say that the best to say these things are the organizers and do not wish to paraphrase I present to you the press release announcing the creation of this new lounge Bordeaux-Vinipro:

BORDEAUX-VINIPRO upsets the codes !

Rendezvous with the new generation of Bordeaux and the French Southwest

At Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux – 3 to 5 March 2014

vert-de-vin-vinipro-bordeaux (3)For the first time in the history of Bordeaux and of French SouthWest, all sectors traders, producers and associations of producers in the region are mobilized around a resolutely innovative project area and creates BORDEAUX-VINIPRO. More than a show, BORDEAUX-VINIPRO is a real concept. In the age were everything is digital and full of social networks, BORDEAUX-VINIPRO has a prospective vision ary buyers, sommeliers, wholesalers, importers and journalists in an interactive tour to discover or rediscover “the heart of wine market” in the region. It thus marks its difference with a modern identity and shifted, supported by an original signature “Rendezvous with the new generation of Bordeaux and the French Southwest.

A salon that focuses on digital

  • BORDEAUX-VINIPRO wants the hyphen between the new generation of wines, new technologies, the new generation of winemakers and wine tradition. Built on the model of a start-up, the show adopts novel visual codes in line with a target visitors more connected.
  • A graphic logo which evokes the digital universe (blue) inserted into the color palette of Bordeaux wines.
  • A website inspired dating sites, where in January, exhibitors and visitors can create their profile to connect with other operators , manage their calendar and extend the exchange after the show.
  • A presence on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to power exchanges and share live backstage as the highlights of the show.
  • Technological means (Ipads, geolocation, QR Codes) implemented on the show to optimize how visitors are connected.
  • An interior of the event (connection spaces for meetings and relaxing, informative and participatory walls) in phase with the promise and values ​​of living : discovery opportunities , proximity and conviviality.

Operation seductionvert-de-vin-vinipro-bordeaux (2)

Signature “Rendezvous with the new generation of Bordeaux and the French Southwest” naturally refers to the new generation of wines but also the actors who were able to adapt their products to the needs of the next generation of consumers. They gather in BORDEAUX-VINIPRO for seduction operation, a first appointment …

BORDEAUX-VINIPRO reflects this approach taken by producers , traders and farmers’ unions in the region in recent years to meet the new rules of the global market. All themhave invested heavily to expand their range and attract a wider range of consumers. They acquired innovative techniques abroad and are now marketing their products using new distribution channels including internet.

Committed men

BORDEAUX-VINIPRO therefore focuses its offer to the “heart of the market” segment, wines accessible and contemporary, the growth potential in France and export, is the most important medium-term forecasts according CIVB.

Xavier Planty, Co- Chairman of the Steering Committee of BORDEAUX-VINIPRO and President of Appellations of Sauternes and Barsac:

The growers and traders unite to create new wines, new tastes, more accessible. BORDEAUX-VINIPRO wants to show that Bordeaux wines open to the world. If Grands Crus de Bordeaux enjoyed international renown wines new generation must find their place on the market. BORDEAUX-VINIPRO addresses this lack of visibility.

Benoit Calvet, Co-Chairman of the Steering Committee BORDEAUX-VINIPRO and CEO of SAS “Benoit Calvet & Valérie Calvet”:

Traders are and remain the armed arm of viticulture. Openers markets and creative tastes, they are naturally associated with winemaking to drive this new show dedicated to the wines of Bordeaux and the Southwest and allow the younger generation to have its place in the world of wine today. The tradition is, in my opinion, the sum of innovations that have worked in the past, BORDEAUX-VINIPRO aims to write a page in the history of tomorrow.

Jonathan Choukroun Chicheportiche