The world largest cork barrel will be displayed in Bordeaux


The world largest cork barrel will be exposed to Bordeaux

Open Day for the Giant Barrel





vert-de-vin-barrique-geante-bordeaux-4On the occasion of Bordeaux Fête le Vin (from 26 to 29 June 2014) a giant barrel will be exposed on the docks and approved to enter the Guinness World Record. The world records for the largest barrel and the largest fresco in cork should be beaten. “We are not optimistic, we are determined” (Elvira Gazizova)

It has necessitated six months of preparation/work and dozens of volunteers to succeed in this unusual project. It is supported by many partners including the Nadalié cooperage. The project was designed by Elvira Gazizova with a triple objective : to engage inhabitants of Bordeaux in the organization of Bordeaux Wine Festival (Bordeaux fête le vin), to promote the local wine heritage and communicate about the launch of her e-magazine “Saveurs Voyage“. Volunteers in the project will receive a diploma of “Builder of Giant Barrel“.

vert-de-vin-barrique-geante-bordeauxThis barrel is decorated with more than 300,000 corks of different colors that make up three giant mosaics that will tour the barrel. These frescoes should depict scenes of life, the Arcachon bay and Bordeaux vineyard landscapes as mosaics.

Corks will be fixed on wooden staves maked by the Nadalié Cooperage. After, these staves (30 cm x 4.50 m) will be assembled to form the giant barrel. At the end the world largest barrel is expected to reach 9 meters high.

vert-de-vin-barrique-geante-bordeaux-2The Giant Barrel will be exposed to the public on the quays of the Garonne and more specifically on the Place Jean-Jaurès (on the corner of the Quai Louis XVIII and Esprit des Lois Street) in the heart of Bordeaux Wine Festival.

Note that this project not only support the wine industry but also a local association : Action Cancer. The corks used for the frescos were purchased from this association. Action Cancer has committed to donate all the profits from the sale of corks to Bergonié Institute to support research against cancer.

Saveur Voyage” is a digital magazine that aims to “promote the gastronomy, wine and French province abroad.” It will be available in French, English and Russian.

vert-de-vin-barrique-geante-bordeaux-3Open Day at the Giant Barrel workshop

If you are eager to discover the world largest barrel you will be able to visit the workshop and assist to the installation of the latest cork. Open day will take place on May 24, 2014, from 10am to 8pm at 45 Josephine Street (33000 Bordeaux).


Jonathan Choukroun Chicheportiche

List of partners/sponsors:

Saveurs du Voyage Magazine

Tonnellerie Nadalié

AEC Polymers (Arkema)

Creacut (vidéos)

Gallien c&s (communication)

Aquitaine millésime