The Independent Winegrowers Champagne make precisions on their signature.

The Federation of Independent Winegrowers Champagne make precisions on their signature.


vertdevin-vignerons-independants-champagne-100-vérité100% Vérité” (100% Truth) has faced a disagreement with some of the champagne world about their tagline. Because of this, independent winemakers of Champagne gathered on July 20 in a General Assembly decided to clarify: the logo always topped by the words “Champagne” , has now completed the independent Vigneron signature “From A to Z“. Today the federation unveils this new signature.

Their willingness to inform the consumer about the qualities and characteristics of their home-made sparkling therefore has not changed: the customer willing to consume champagne produced and only from grapes and the work of authentic winemakers work, will now clearly be able to identify them thanks to this new signature. “From A To Z” may indeed be applied to all communication media but also on the skins of champagne bottles of independent Champagne Vignerons.

vertdevin-vignerons-independants-champagne-de-a-zThus, each of the 338 independent winemakers of Champagne can say out loud: “I am an independent Vigneron A to Z … because that champagne, it was me who made it!

This Monday, July 20, the General Assembly has indeed reaffirmed its support for the communication policy adopted by the Board of Directors. This is to appease the tensions arising from the misinterpretation of some members of the “Great Champagne family” and after a few emails, it was decided to appropriate a new signature equally significant and clearer now.

Remember, the Champagne Vignerons Independants presented on June 1, during a national press event on Paris their new signature “100% truth!” to assert their specificities without controversy through an indisputable argument: the truth of origin, the truth of a personality, the truth of a truth and authenticity of a signature.