Les Sept Couleurs

Les Sept Couleurs

Restaurant Les Sept Couleurs in Saint-Germé

Where East meets West



Les Sept Couleurs restaurant opened in May 2021 in Saint-Germé which counts 500 inhabitants only. The municipality invested in a renovation project and invited two young restaurateurs to run a restaurant. Mélanie and Ritish Ragadu accepted the challenge and took care of the decoration of the whole, including an indoor area that can seat more than 30 people, as well as a shaded terrace, which is very popular in this season. Bistro concept & fusion cuisine are the main ideas: foie gras & mango, duck breast & rum sauce, floating island & passion fruit. Ritish, a Mauritian native, skilfully combines Indian, Creole and Asian flavours with local Gers ingredients.

Which dish in your restaurant is a must-try and should be tasted by every customer?

Our menu changes very often and we don’t have fixed dishes. The chef proposes Mauritian specialties with Indian or Asian influences. However, we have a signature dessert: Comme une île flottante. It is a dessert made with soft egg whites, fresh mango cream, candied kumquats and grated lime. It has a great texture.” (Mélanie Ragadu)

What wine would you recommend to accompany this dish?

We have some wonderful local wines. We always recommend a sweet Pacherenc du Vic Bilh: Louise d’Aure from Château Viella or Gaïa from Château du Pouey are our favorites. We know the winemakers, they have a family heritage and are young, innovative and dynamic.” (Mélanie Ragadu)

Which wines are the most appreciated by your customers?

We have Les Bons crus d’Artagnan label and so we offer many local wines at less than 21€ per bottle.  There are lots of labels from small independent producers in the Gers and a renowned cooperative winery, Plaimont. We have noticed a trend towards less alcoholic, fresh, light wines.” (Mélanie Ragadu)

The most unexpected food and wine pairing you have ever been served?

The chef offers a lot of fish and seafood dishes with a Mauritian twist. We have a great culture of red wine here in the Gers but few dare to drink it with fish and seafood.  We offer light red wines such as “Uby bio 27”. We also have a local aperitif, Floc de Gascogne in red and white. Here at the restaurant we have chosen the Domaine de Bilé. Apart from the aperitif, we can pair it with a dessert and it is much less traditional.” (Mélanie Ragadu)

Type de cuisine (Cuisine description): Cuisine fusion

Dégustateur (Critic): Tenison Valéria

Note de la carte des vins (Wine list score): *

Niveau de prix (Price range):

Pays (Country): France

Région (Region): Sud-Ouest

Adresse (Address): 4 Place de l'église

Code postal (Zip code): 32400

Ville (City): Saint-Germé

Téléphone (Phone): 33(0)

Site Web (Website): https://restaurant-les-sept-couleurs.eatbu.com/?lang=en