La Marquière

La Marquière

Restaurant La Marquière

A family story that is almost 38 years old

Created in 1985 by Bernard Marius and his wife Michèle Gaillagot, the restaurant has seen many foodies from all over the world. Nestled at the corner of one of the pretty little streets in the medieval city of Carcassonne, La Marquière represents the quintessence of taste and elegance. It is here that Bernard Marius has been celebrating, for almost thirty-eight years now, the beautiful products and flavours of the region in his subtle and inventive gastronomy.

Which dish in your restaurant is a must-try and should be tried by every customer?

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Florent Marius, Maitre d’Hotel &  Sommelier: Foie gras raviolis served with ceps sauce and pan-fried foie gras – a dish that was created about 30 years ago for a Christmas meal and which is still impossible to consider removing from the menu today, as it has been so popular.

Which wine do you recommend to accompany this dish?

Florent Marius : Domaine de La Soujeole, AOP La Malepère, a nice blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec.

Which wines, apart from the local gems, are most appreciated by your customers?

Florent Marius : We have an international clientele, who are drawn to estates that export a lot or that have certain regions or appellations as references. I would say that Sancerre, Chablis, Châteauneuf-du-Pape are the most popular.

The most unexpected food and wine pairing you have ever served?

Florent Marius : An interesting and surprising pairing to accompany the semi-cooked foie gras that my father prepares, and which could also be one of the must-have dishes of the house… To get away from the great classics, I wanted a whisky. And finding the perfect pairing and balance between the liver, the spices and the strength of the whisky was not evident. Thanks to the advice of Maison Cabanel, a local liquorist, who recommended Ed Gwenn, a Breton whisky made only from barley from the Menhirs distillery, we found a subtle and delicate match.

Type de cuisine (Cuisine description): French cuisine

Dégustateur (Critic): Tenison Valéria

Note de la carte des vins (Wine list score): ***

Niveau de prix (Price range): €€

Pays (Country): France

Région (Region): Languedoc

Adresse (Address): 13 rue Saint Jean

Code postal (Zip code): 11000

Ville (City): Carcassonne

Téléphone (Phone): +33 468 715 200

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