We are in Imperia one of the most beautiful corners of Liguria. The location was chosen by chef Jacopo Chieppa, after important professional experiences in the kitchens of Mauro Colagreco’s Mirazur and Antica Corona Reale. His is a contemporary, crater cuisine in which the flavors of Ligurian raw materials are emphasized. In land and sea cuisine, oil is at the centre of many dishes. Another great strength is bread-making, which guests experience on two different tasting menus: Origini (70 euros) and Ego (80 euros). The former is more rooted in the territory, while the latter is more personal and creative. In both, we find the “Focaccia del contadino”: a Focaccia multi cereal à partager, served with Normandy butter whipped with Frantoio Sant’Agata Evo oil. Tasty, mouthwatering, convivial. Alternating flavors and densities, traction dishes are presented with minimalist, colorful and original plating.

Researched and entertained wine list.

Type de cuisine (Cuisine description): Cuisine Italienne

Dégustateur (Critic): Mantovan Erika

Note de la carte des vins (Wine list score):

Niveau de prix (Price range): €€€

Pays (Country): Italy

Région (Region): Ligurie

Adresse (Address): 13 Località Martin

Code postal (Zip code): 18020

Ville (City): Dolcedo

Téléphone (Phone): +39 0183 684685

Site Web (Website): https://equilibrioristorante.com/