Larraqué Vins International takes over Maison Cheval Quancard

Larraqué Vins International takes over Maison Cheval Quancard

The family-owned Group Larraqué Vins International (L.V.I) acquires Maison Cheval Quancard and strengthens its position as an alternative to the giants of the sector


With this acquisition the Group L.V.I has now become the owner of 11 estates. Moreover it’s strengthening its premiumization strategy with the integration of a new Cru Bourgeois and a property in Saint-Estèphe.

International trade and traditional distribution network (HORECA) combine around 35% of the group’s turnover and are expected grow in a short-term period. Currently distributed in 67 countries L.V.I boasts remarkable presence in Africa, Europe and French overseas departments and territories. Maison Cheval Quancard is adding to the portfolio the clients in Northern Europe, Asia and North America. In the same way the HORECA channel will see an expansion with Cheval Quancard being very present on the French market.

Philippe Destruel has been appointed the new Cheval Quancard Sales Director for France (retailers, Horeca and the Cave Cheval Quancard). He joins the Board of Direction of the Group.
Paul Falipou, former L.V.I Director of National Sales, will be the new Sales Director of Cheval Quancard for large retailers.

In a short term (2024), the Group L.V.I Head Office will be relocated to the historical headquarter of Cheval Quancard in Carbon Blanc with its 8.6 hectares’ park.

Signed last July 29th this acquisition gives the Group Larraqué Vins International adds a new jewel to the crown. Now the three subsidiaries can cover the three main branches: Vignobles Pierre Jean Larraqué for the Châteaux sales, Haussmann Famille for international brands and Maison Cheval Quancard for HORECA.