ERRATUM : The flash sale of Yquem is canceled


ERRATUM : The flash sale of Yquem is canceled


The Flashsale of three vintages of Château d’Yquem wines, 1st Grand Cru Classé Supérieur of Sauternes is “canceled or postponed



vert-de-vin-vente-privee-sauternesTwo days ago I announced a special flash sale of three vintages (1996, 1998 and 2000) of the Château d’Yquem (1st Grand Cru Superieur of Sauternes)  which was to be held on May 11 2014 on the website However this event was just “canceled or postponed” by the e-commerce website.

According to vente-privée, due to “planning problem” the flash sale is canceled. Currently “a posting date has not been set because it is not yet clear that the flash sale will always take place“. Everything depends of the planning of vente-privée but also of the Château d’ Yquem planning. Unfortunately, this announced flash sale of the famous Sauternes wine had a strategic importance for both parties. (read the first article)

vert-de-vin-chateau-d-yquem-sauternes-vente-privée-1vert-de-vin-chateau-d-yquem-sauternes-vente-privée-1However for those who had planned to buy some bottles of wine you can always participate in other wine & spirit flash sale (Cognac A. FussignyChampagne de Castelnau….). They will be available soon.

Of course as soon as the posting date is known, if the flash sale is not permanently cancelled, I would communicate with you the date. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to my free newsletter to receive the information.


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