Château Margaux 2015 comes in commemorative and unique bottle

Château Margaux 2015 comes in commemorative and unique bottle

To honors Paul Pontallier Château Margaux launches an exceptional packaging


For the first time in its history, and for this year only, Château Margaux has created a special bottle for its 2015 Grand Vin, which is “exceptional” in many ways. This wine is included in Château Margaux‘s wines of exception.


This bottle paid tribute to Paul Pontallier. The 2015 vintage also celebrates the bicentenary of Château Margaux‘s exceptional architecture. This wine will be sold in new black bottle, with gold writing and unlabeled. This exceptional packaging will be available for 75cl bottles, magnums, double-magnums, imperials and balthazars.

A unique silkscreen to pay tribute to its iconic General Manager, Paul Pontallier

The bottles of Château Margaux 2015 will be decorated with silk-screen printing. This has been specially created and fixed on the glass in place of the usual labels on the bottle. Discrete, modern and elegant, this silk-screen printing faithfully mirrors the image embodied by Château Margaux. The Château and the cellars are superimposed in grey and gold. Furthermore, two lines of silk-screen printing at the bottom of the bottle pay tribute to Paul Pontallier and on the back, to two centuries of architecture.

These new cellars, inaugurated in 2015, were designed by the famous architect Normam Foster on the request of Mr Pontallier. He wanted to offer to Château Margaux the opportunity to go even further in respect of the fruit, plot vinification precision and quality.

Photo Vertdevin Vidéo

In 1983 Paul Pontallier joined the Château Margaux, where he worked with Emilie Peynaud. In 1990 he became the CEO of this famous Cru Classé. He engaged in the Château Margaux many improvement works. He brilliantly led the Château on the path of modernity. He died on March 28, 2016. The 2015 vintage was the last wine vinified by this famous vigneron.

Corinne Mentzelopoulos wanted to celebrate this very great vintage, which was also the last to have been supervised by Paul Pontallier, and the bicentenary of the architecture of Château Margaux, often called the Versailles of the Médoc, and whose wines have been appreciated since the XVI century as one of the best wine in the world.