VERITAS, the new range of oenological glass designed by Riedel


VERITAS, the new range of oenological glass designed by Riedel


The world leader in oenological glass launches a new range of tasting glasses suitable for all types of wines




Almost 30 years after the birth of Vinum, the iconic range of the Austrian manufacture the most commercialized the “World Riedel is proud to present its new creation, VERITAS, to this day the closest realization of manual mechanical mouth-blown glass… 

VERITAS, the fruit of 60 years of experience …..vert-de-vin-riedel-wine-glass-2

Because it’s been over half a century the Riedel family designs lenses for a variety of cépage logic, where the functionality of each form marks the guide, and its is now happy to reveal their latest innovation, Veritas “. On the aesthetics / form sleek and extremely light, these glasses sleek and perfect balance make this new collection “Riedel Veritas” one of the best tasters accomplices, and unparalleled wines revealing the most valuable.

VERITAS, closer to the “truth” flavours of a variety …

For the first time in the history of Riedel, the brand offers two different glasses for two iconic red varietals: Syrah and Pinot Noir. These glasses were designed based on their different sensory profiles, depending on whether they come from their historical cradles (mostly Rhone or Burgundy) or whether from the new world. Indeed a Burgundy Pinot Noir does not look like a Pinot Noir from Oregon or from New Zealand, its containers must be able to prove their diversity and uniqueness. The range also represents other traditional grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling and Viognier.

VERITAS, the flute is dead, long live the champagne glass!

vert-de-vin-riedel-wine-glass-1Another revolution, Veritas is the first line of the brand to present a “champagne glass“. Taking apart the flute, the “Champagne Glass” moves away from it especially. Its name was deliberately chosen by Joseph Maximilian Riedel for whom “Champagne is primarily a wine, it deserves to be considered as such. Whether it is a Blanc de blanc or a vintage champagne, it offers a unique aromatic diversity. The large diameter of the glass allows the aromas to release, which is totally impossible in a flute by narrow definition. Glass also has a starting point effervescent” which concentrates the fineness of the bubble, a bubble in the critical assessment of Champagne. ”