Silvio Denz Purchases Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey in Sauternes

Silvio Denz Purchases Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey in Sauternes


Silvio Denz Purchases Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey in Sauternes


Silvio Denz bought the Premier Grand Cru Classé de Sauternes




vert-de-vin-silvio-denz-sauternes-lafaurie-peyraguey-1It’s been a while since the GDF SUEZ group sought to separate themselves from the property. That ‘s it! The Swiss businessman Silvio Denz man formalized on Tuesday (02/04/14) the acquisition of Château Lafaurie-PeyragueyGrand Cru Classé de Sauternes. Due to his passion for wine, this was not the first winery that he owned. Indeed he already owned in Bordeaux Chateaux Péby Faugères (Grand Cru Classé de Saint-Emilion) and Faugères (Grand Cru Classé de Saint- EmilionChâteau Lafaurie-Peyraguey just add to its portfolio of fine soils.

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey

A very old winery, the porch of Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey is considered the oldest monument of Bommes (13th century). The testimony of the rich history of Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey and its importance is given by the trace and stored evidence in the castle archives: eight centuries of history !

vert-de-vin-silvio-denz-sauternes-lafaurie-peyragueyChâteau Lafaurie-Peyraguey ‘s largest neighboring Sauternes, including Chateau d’Yquem, and the merits of his sweet white wine have been recognized at all times, including during the 1855 classification, where it appears in 2nd place in the list of Premiers Crus Classé.

The vineyard of 36 hectares of Lafaurie Peyraguey is located on the upper part of the gravel terroir of Sauternes, 70 m above sea level , close to Chateau d’Yquem. The plots of “L’Enclos” and ” Red House ” represent the historical heart of the great terroir of Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey.

This vineyard of 36 ha in production, is grown in pest management without any chemical herbicide. The vines are composed of 93% Semillon, Sauvignon 6%, and 1% Muscadelle, with an average vine age of 40 years (the oldest is from 1926), and average yields of 18 hl / ha.

Alcoholic fermentation and aging of wines is made in barrels of French oak grained, 40 to 70% of new barrels depending on the year, for an average annual production of 60,000 bottles.

Why does Silvio Denz choose to invest in Sauternes?

A passionate entrepreneur, Silvio Denz understood between the arrival of renowned investors, new generations of winemaker and dynamic actors promotion / sweet Bordeaux wines were soft things now move to Sauternes.

The draft of  Silvio Denz for Lafaurie Peyraguey

The objectives of Silvio Denz to Lafaurie Peyraguey are clear and long term.

1) To produce great white wines of Sauternes: Produce very sweet wines of the best historical land classified as ” L’Enclos ” 1855 and “Les Maisons Rouges”.

Produce a great wine Dry white to maximize the potential of the other territories of Sauternes !

2) Benefit from synergies marketing

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey, sweet wine and dry white wine will complement the range of red wines of the 7 areas Vineyards Silvio Denz in Bordeaux, Spain and Tuscany.

Indeed, Silvio Denz already sells wines from both Grand Cru Classé de Saint-EmilionChâteau Péby FaugèresChâteau Faugères and the wines of Château de Chambrun in AOC Lalande de Pomerol and Château Cap de Faugères AOC Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux (excluding wine vintages where it is associated : Château Rocheyron AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru with Peter Sisseck, Clos d’Agon in Spain and Montepeloso in Italy).

3) Develop the Sauternes wine

This is an invitation that Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey and Silvio Denz offers , with a draft of wine tourism receptive prestige Sauternes is not equipped today.

The architecture of the Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey is particularly well suited with its 13 rooms that can accommodate professionals, amateurs and visitors.

4) create a common history with LALIQUE

A project to create an engraved under the emblem of Lalique in the continuity of the two lines of decanters and glasses created by René Lalique, ” Yquem ” in 1934 and “ Barsac ” 1939 bottle.