Champagne & Renoir’works Pairing

Champagne & Renoir’works Pairing


Champagne & Renoir’works Pairing


A unique combination of masterpieces and Champagne for a special vintage “Renoir en Champagnes” …




vert-de-vin-champagne-cuvée-renoirOn 29 April 2014, a tasting committee composed of winemakers, sommeliers and journalists, met in Essoyes, at the house of Renoir to achieve a unique experience: associate his paintings to independent champagne houses from Aube.

This approach, initiated by Philippe Talbot, Winemaker at Essoyes and Karine Rémy, director of the cultural center Renoir, aims to promote the region in a different way in which Renoir chose to live. It reinforces the work undertaken by the Renoir cultural center and 10 champagne houses partnering to offer visitors a complete wine tourism experience linking culture and tasting.

For a whole day, scholars have debated and selected a batch of three proposed by each Champagne house to elect one that most symbolizes the world of Renoir. Common vocabulary between champagnes and painting works: finesse, beauty, elegance, roundness, femininity … that emerged from discussions that allowed to associate each cuvée elected to a work. Champagne will be identified by a common label, created under the label “Renoir en Champagnes.”

The “Cuvée Renoir” is thus presented:

  • vert-de-vin-champagne-la-belle-gabrielle-brutThe Champagne House Barfontarc: vintage “Sainte Germaine” with the painting “Maison Renoir.”
  • The Champagne House Charles Collin: cuvée “Belle Gabrielle” with the painting “Gabrielle et Jean”
  • The Champagne House Chassenay d’Arce: Cuvée Rosé with the painting ” Jeune fille aux pâquerettes
  • The Champagne House Defrance: Cuvée “Exception” with the painting ” Torse nu effet de soleil
  • The Champagne House Drappier: Cuvée ” Grande Cendrée ” with the painting ” Danse à la campagne
  • The Champagne House Dumont : Cuvée “Solera” with the painting ” Chemin montant dans les hautes herbes
  • The Champagne House Massin: Cuvée “Louis Aristide” with the painting ” Déjeuner des canotiers
  • The Champagne House Mercuzot: vintage “Marion” with the painting “La Balançoire
  • The Champagne House Richardot: Cuvée Rosé with the painting “Les Fraises
  • The Champagne House Senez: Cuvée “Renoir” with the painting ” Danse à la ville

A guide will be published soon. It will be available at the Essoyes Tourist Office and Renoir Cultural Center. It will follow in the footsteps of « Renoir en Champagne »…

The tasting committee was composed of:

  • Karine Remy, Director of « Du Côté des Renoir »
  • Philippe Narcy oenologist
  • Philippe Talbot, oenologist
  • Alexandre Ponnavoy oenologist
  • Yves Chappier, President of the Sommeliers of champagne Association
  • Frédéric Bouché, champagne sommelier at the “Assiette Champenoise” in Reims
  • Dominique Hutin for France Inter (radio)
  • Alexis Goujard (La Revue du Vin de France)
  • Alain Cintrat, Mayor of Essoyes.