Camus webseries: “A Fresh Insight Into Cognac”


Camus webseries: “A Fresh Insight Into Cognac


A webseries to learn everything about Cognac





The Camus Cognac House innovates and launches a original communication campaign about the Cognac. At the heart of this campaign a webseries available only in English entitled “A Fresh Insight Into Cognac“.

A Fresh Insight Into Cognac - Ep1 - What is Cognac ?

A Fresh Insight Into Cognac – Ep1 – What is Cognac ?

This webseries about Cognac is composed of several videos that will be posted every 3 weeks. Various issues will be addressed such as: What is Cognac? How is it made? How to store Cognac in good condition ? How to drink it ? What can we eat with Cognac ? What do VSVSOPXO mean ? What is the difference between Cognac and Brandy? Etc… The videos are hosted by Frédéric Dezauzier, Global Brand Ambassador of Camus House.

An innovative and exciting initiative that aims to educate the consumer so that he knows what he enjoyed and did not just drink this Eaux-de-vie as a digestif or an aperitif. “On our social networks many consumers ask us question about the production or about the tasting of Cognac. With this webseries we wish to answer in an original and entertaining way. “(Iris Bailliencourt, Head of Public Relation for the Camus Cognac House)

A Webseries to follow for all Cognac lovers. You will know everything !


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