A majority stake at Château Climens is sold to Patrimonia Développement

A majority stake at Château Climens is sold to Patrimonia Développement

The acquisition of a majority stake has been completed by Patrimonia Développement, a company owned by Mr. Jean-Hubert Moitry and his family (Patrimonia), as their first investment in the wine sector.

Bérénice Lurton, who managed the estate for the past 30 years, will retain an advisory role in the management of Château Climens over the coming years in order to transfer and perpetuate the family know-how. Frédéric Nivelle will also remain Technical Director of the estate and will bring his experience to Château Climens and to the Moitry family.

In her statement Bérénice Lurton declared, “I have decided to hand over the role of protector and focus on supporting by all means this family who understands the unique character of this terroir and this know-how, with the desire to help polish this diamond with constancy and selflessness, by favoring the transmission by the local winegrowers. <…> I am particularly glad that Jean-Hubert Moitry and his family have chosen Climens, and infinitely relieved knowing we share the same human values, the same enthusiasm and the same vision. So that Climens remains Climens, always unique but never the same, with each new vintage…”

Jean-Hubert Moitry on his part said, “Acquiring a wine estate in the Bordeaux region corresponds to a long-standing family dream with my spouse. My wife Catherine comes from a family of wine merchants from Meymac in Corrèze. As wine lovers, we wanted to invest in an exceptional estate, with irreproachable characteristics and quality, in a perspective of family ownership and management, with a very long-term vision and ambition. <…> In the coming years, we will work in partnership with Bérénice Lurton, grateful to be able to count on her exceptional experience and know-how, to guarantee a perfect transmission of knowledge and good practices, with care to always uphold the excellence of Climens. <…> Jérôme, my brother, will also participate in the management of the estate and we wish to implicate our four daughters over time in this astounding project.”

Photo credit: Château Climens © F.Nivelle