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Chateau Haute-Nauve


This week I decided to present to you a charming property of Saint-Emilion, Château Haute-Nauve (AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru).



Small family owned since 1930, is located in Saint-Laurent-des-Combes and covers 9.5 hectares.

After a career in banking Marie-Anne Regnier decided to come back for manage the Château Haute-Nauve.

Selling her wine only cooperative cave and willing to make wine under the name of the property in 2008 she decided to select one of the best parcels creating the label: Son Altesse de Haute-Nauve

What prompted her to come back at the family estate?

The desire to perpetuate the family work, of this rich knowledge accumulated over generations, of a land, of techniques to each vineyard, and the establishment of a rational cultivation.

A project?

Yes, the development of the wine tourism through the establishment of three tours to discover the vineyard …. stay tuned …

In order not to neglect good habits a little anecdote :

While visiting this property you can travel through time as well …. rediscovering the tools of old wine presented in their small museum.

For the fans of the good food an annual “ journée sarments ” (next to be held on Saturday, February 18 and March 17, 2012) is organized at the castle. On these days you will be greeted by a warm drink, a snack before going to pull the vine, A vine wood box where you will be provided with a suitable tool to make your vine shoots. At lunch time you will naturally find their nectar. In the evening you will leave with your bundles desarments … (you’ll be missing more than meat and a matchbox).


Thanks to Anne-Marie Regnier her hospitality

Jonathan Choukroun Chicheportiche

Château Haute-Nauve

33330 Saint-Laurent-Des-Combes

05 57 24 73 21




Soil: calcareous clay, sand
Grapes: 75% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon
Aging: 12 months in barrel, 1/3 of new, 1/3 of a barrel of wine, 1/3 of two barrels of wine.
Production: 3 wines: Son Altesse de Haute-Nauve (AOC Saint-Emilion), Les Tours de Haute-Nauve (AOC Bordeaux), Subjection de Haute-Nauve (AOC Bordeaux Rosé)
To ensure better quality of grapes: the stripping on the side of the rising sun and the green harvest of removing, in July an excess of misplaced or clusters to air, facilitating the maturation of other clusters. These operations are sitting in the back of seasonal savings.